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The use of premium materials, such as 7075-T6 domestic aluminum for our handguards and receivers, allows us to build our weapons lighter and stronger than the competition. Of course, low weight and high strength are just two attributes of a solid rifle platform but would mean little if the rifle isn't accurate. For this reason, we produce our 416SS barrels on our state-of-the-art barrel cell, which holds tolerances up to 0.0001”. The result is an extremely accurate rifle you can trust to hit the mark. The combination of premium materials, state-of-the-art equipment, in-house machining, assembly, quality assurance/control and testing ensures that your F-1 Firearms rifle is as accurate and dependable as it is great to look at and fun to shoot. It's what makes F-1 Firearms stand out from the crowd.

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Black Nitride Compensating Muzzle Brake

Machined above and beyond our competitors’ tolerances and quality, the F-1 Firearms Black Nitride Compensating Muzzle Brake was specifically designed to eliminate muzzle rise and severely reduce recoil. The F-1 CMB underwent months of research and development including full auto testing to ensure that the accuracy, quality, and durability of this brake were indeed the best of the best.

* Available in angle and flat-faced configurations.


Fluted 16” Medium Contour Match Barrel -

We machine our barrels out of 416SS- twice in-line heat treated material and finish using a state of the art barrel cell. Holding an internal straightness tolerance to 0.0001” coupled with air-gauging in the QA/QC process to 5 decimals ensures that our barrels will consistently outperform the shooter. Barrels available in multiple lengths/profiles in 5.56, .300AAC, and .308. To reduce weight while adding to the visual appeal we offer fluting in standard, brick, dimple and diamond patterns.


C7K Contoured 14.75” Handguard –

Uniquely designed with a quick placement grip area for ease of repeatability and comfort. This handguard is lighter than most competitors while maintaining a large inside diameter (1.65” ID) allowing most major suppressors to fit within the ID of the rail. Machined out of 7075-T6 domestic Aluminum, and hand finished, this handguard offers Key-Mod attachment points without a bulky quad rail feel which gives our customers the ability to customize as needed.


BDR-15 3G Receiver Set

This receiver set is a modern take on the MIL-SPEC M16 of yester-year. This set was meticulously engineered to be as lightweight as possible, while remaining rigid and cosmetically pleasing. All areas not inherent to functionality have been stripped away, leaving a beautiful base for any build. Each set is hand finished and matched in-house, for the utmost in operational and cosmetic perfection that our customers have come to expect from F-1 Firearms. BDR-15-3G sets accept all MIL-SPEC patterned parts as well as Magpul mags.


Durabolt 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

The DuraBolt direct impingement, full auto rated M16/M4 bolt carrier group, for use in AR15 platforms, is compatible with MIL-SPEC receivers and associated components. The pictured DuraBolt Black DLC is enhanced with a Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD) coating, which gives it an extremely durable and corrosion resistant black mirror finish. This coating also offers unmatched lubricity with a 0.01 coefficient of friction, the best in the industry.


Industry First Ingenuity

Through extremely rigorous internal and external testing by some of the best in the industry, our Skeletonized 3G sets have continuously outperformed all expectations. Our rigid base product coupled with the meticulously placed venting has not only proven to be a viable alternative to standard AR models, but has broken through the turmoil, doubt, and questioning of professionals, operators, and civilians alike. From industry leaders such as Ballistic Magazine, to Demolition Ranch, to our own and others destructive testing, it has continued to surprise and impress even the most skeptical of traditionalists.


bdr-15-3g lower receiver set

bdr-AR-153g rifle

fdr 15 forged mod  rifle

bdr-15 receiver set

bdr-15 rifle

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